Puppy Airline

1.  Puppies must be 8 weeks of age.

2.  Need to have a collapsible crate.
3 sides ventilated
Attached food/water bowls
Blanket on bottom

3.  Health Certificate from Vet
Must not be 7 days or older

4.  Letter of Acclimation
To show that the puppy is okay to fly
Must not be 7 days or older

5.  Weather must be 20 or more degrees

6.  Customer is responsible for all

7.  Flight prices can vary.

Delta Pet First ( Airlines )
Each Akita puppy is required to visit the Vet within 48
hours of purchase.  Otherwise agreement is not valid.

Our family companions are starting at $1000-1250 plus
shipping with a required spay / neuter agreement, no

To reserve your puppy, I require a $200 deposit.

Puppies must be paid in full prior to flight departure by
Pay pal or cash.

For further information, please contact me by phone.  I
will be more than willing to answer any questions you
might have.